Nenshi’s Calgary Walk Challenge

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In September, I joined Mayor Nenshi to launch his walk challenge. Bravo to the Mayor! A city where people like to walk is a great city! Throughout Calgary, there are a lot of people like me. People who LOVE to walk. I meet many of them, the same people over and over as I head out in my neighbourhood on a daily basis.

Nenshi Walk Challenge_Badge_Large Check out Mayor Nenshi’s walk challenge website here!

There is the woman from the Philippines who runs/walks everyday, all year, in my neighbourhood. She passes by my kids when they are biking to school and then I see her when I am out for my morning exercise in the local park. We exchange “hello’s”, especially on the coldest of days.

One woman walks downtown on 14 Street every morning, really early. I see her every day when I open my curtains.

And then there is the man who also walks in front of my house every morning, collecting some bottles for return as he does the circuit through the community.

There is the almost 90 year old man who I have met many times on the Glenmore Reservoir pathway who walks the entire loop, all 17 km, every day of the year. Except for one day in 2014, he told me,  when it was -30 + and high winds. I remember that day. I didn’t last long on my walk that day.

Where do you walk? Why do you walk? Do your kids walk? Tell me and all Calgarians about your walking habit! If you tweet me, use hashtag #yycwalk, or send me an email and I will post your walk thoughts.



Nenshi Walk Challenage jumping in air photo

Me (in red) helping Nenshi launch his walk challenge!