Walking Calgary’s 17 Avenue SW: shops and eats

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Latte in Calgary Corbeaux on 17 Avenue Calgary Dining at Corbeaux in Calgary  Gravity Pope Shoes 17 Avenue in Calgary

As an urban walker, you may walk alone through green, lush, and peaceful landscapes, or amongst busy streets surrounded by other people. Seventeenth Avenue is a pedestrian-friendly shopping area that is worth a detour if you are in the mood for the latter. During the warm months, enjoy people watching on a patio while sipping a glass of wine and enjoying a meal.

Take a detour north off Seventeenth Avenue onto Eleventh Street and grab some olives, feta cheese, and baklava from Kalamata Grocery. A busy spot all day, every day, this shop is unassuming, just like its owners Gus and George Kukos. Shelves and rows are stacked full of Greek specialties, but it’s the sixteen types of fresh olives, multiple varieties of feta, and the different kinds of sesame-based halva that will “make a Greek out of ya,” as Gus once said after he handed me a spicy green olive to taste. Fresh pita bread is dropped off daily. Back on Seventeenth, continue east to Ninth Street and detour to Sixteenth Avenue to grab a hot drink and fresh sandwich at Caffe Beano. Sit on benches outside the café and watch the street life. The popular Analog Café, on the corner of Seventh Street and Seventeenth Avenue, is a nice place to warm up. The corner location with big windows is full of natural light and is perfect for people watching all year round. The owners of Analog have opened up a new bakery, cafe, restaurant called Corbeaux- just east of Analog. Very, very tasty. Grab some art supplies at Mona Lisa Artists’ Materials, on Seventh Street, some funky new shoes at Gravity Pope, and then a pint at one the many pubs along the avenue. Seventeenth Avenue is a fun place to walk, watch, and soak up the urban energy.

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Kalamata Grocery: 1421 Eleventh Street SW

Caffe Beano: 1613 Ninth Street SW

Analog Café and Corbeaux: 740 Seventeenth Avenue SW

Mona Lisa Artists’ Materials: 1518 Seventh Street SW

Gravity Pope: 524 Seventeenth Avenue SW