Walk on the snow, Chester Lake snowshoe perfection!

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Snowshoe Chester Lake TrailsI snowshoed to Chester Lake in The Kananaskis Rockies yesterday and it was absolute perfection. And abundance of glittering powdery snow, and mountain peaks all around. Living in Calgary means having access to the Rocky Mountains within an hours drive. When you have a day free over the holidays why not go for a walk on the snow?

Simply spectacular! MERRY CHRISTMAS I say!

For details on snowshoe trails in the Kananaskis, check the Alberta Parks website.  You can also join us, on our many snowshoe outings in December through March.



1. AVALANCHE AWARENESS- Be aware that the snowshoe trails in the park are created to keep you away from avalanche terrain. If you do not know what an avalanche slope looks like, DO NOT go into the mountains on snowshoes. You can easily walk into avalanche terrain without knowing it. Check the Avalanche Canada website.

2. Have the Gemtrek, Kananaskis map and the Snowshoe trail map. There are many, many, many alternative snowshoe trails created by people enjoying the powder. This can be confusing if you are not paying attention and navigating. There is signage for snowshoe trails created by the parks, so keep watching for those signs.

3. Take lots of clothing and lots of food. Read through our checklist on what to bring on snowshoe and ski days. And here is a list of where to rent snowshoes.