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Lori Beattie, author, owner and guide of Fit Frog Adventures and CTV Morning Live Walking Wednesday host, presents to groups and companies about the power of taking a walk. Such a simple, pedestrian activity that can have such a positive impact on our lives. She also writes for magazines and newspapers about integrating activity into everyday. Lori leads groups on walkabouts in Calgary and the mountains.

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Custom Guided Walks & Hikes

Custom and Corporate Guided Walks and Hikes 


Feature Talks


Walking: Attitude Trumps Design: Getting people to walk, to incorporate walking into their lives, takes a change in attitude. First and foremost, people need to recognize the benefits of taking a walk. These benefits are wide ranging. And while the improving the built environment to make walking safer and more pleasing can encourage walking, it does not address the real barrier of busyness in our culture. Walking is inherently slow and in our multi-tasking, Costco shopping, society, it is perceived to be inefficient and an inconvenience. A leisure activity of a bygone era. Lori addresses these barriers to walking and shows the path to changing attitudes, one step at a time.

Let’s Walk! Calgary’s Best Walks: Lori takes the audience on a visual tour of the best walks of Calgary. She highlights all the reasons to take a walk, from the great Cafe stops to the urban wilderness, hidden pathways, stairways and the quirky neighbourhoods.


Presentation options

  • 30 minute- 1.5 hour presentations


Why take a walk?

To connect with your city, your neighbours, your parks and natural areas

For fun, to explore your city, your parks, your neighbourhoods.

To be social with friends and family. Walking is the perfect time to chat.

For exercise and general fitness maintenance. Walking is preventative, it will keep you out of the hospital, but also keeps you fit for future active pursuits, like hiking in the Rockies.

For transportation. Walk to get your groceries, walk to school or to the office.

Walk to disconnect from the electronics. To go slow on purpose, to relax.

To be immersed in nature. “There is no wi-fi in the first, but trust me, you’ll find a better connection”

To soak up the energy of the city; the great shops and eats. The Downtown art walk, the energy of 17 Avenue and 4 St or Kensington Road.

To have a mini-adventure close to home. To connect the city in a way not possible by car. To discover hidden pathways, and trails, stairways and viewpoints and even restaurants and cafe’s.



Peace Bridge in Calgary