East Village Riverwalk murals

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Riverwalk murals

I just finished my final map for my guidebook. It is Calgary’s art walk and leads walkers throughout the downtown, Beltline and East Village Riverwalk.  If you have not walked along the new Riverwalk pathway, you are going to be very impressed. Art Installations are placed along the pathway, with some colourful new murals, created by Calgarians and local artists Kai Cabunoc-Boettcher, Ivan Ostapenko and Daniel J. Kirk. Their mural art represents the past, present and future of Calgary.

Wide and open, with a path for cyclists and one for walkers, the Riverwalk is a beautiful new pathway that leads you east to Inglewood, west past Princes Island and into Sunnyside and Kensington. Or, loop north across the brand new St. Patrick’s Island pedestrian bridge and visit Bridgeland. But wait, that’s not all! Walk through Sien Lok Park, into Chinatown and explore the outdoor public art throughout the downtown.

Take the Ctrain to access these areas. Hop off in Bridgeland or in the downtown and start to explore. Surprises await around many corners!