CTV Morning Walking Wednesday: Douglas Fir Trail and Wildwood, NW Calgary

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Douglas Fir

I featured the Douglas Fir Trail and Wildwood on my CTV Morning segment today. Wanna sweat? Check it out!

Hidden amongst the most easterly stand of Douglas fir trees that tower above the Bow River is the Douglas Fir Trail. Stairs, bridges, creeks, and narrow winding paths dip and climb 60 m from the river valley to the lookout point. A fantastic trail for physical training, it is also a shaded wilderness oasis in the height of the summer. Trees, some more than 2 m in diameter, and multitudes of western Canada violets line the trail. Descend to the marsh trail along the railway and listen for the chorus of frogs. Move slowly in an attempt to sneak a peek before they stop croaking and dive for cover. At dusk, tip you head back and watch for the great horned owls on this same open flat stretch of the trail. These magnificent birds fly low over the open areas near the railway tracks when the natural light fades.

Douglas Fir Trail BoardwalkThe City of Calgary has the trail closed at times as they repair the bridges that were damaged during the flood of 2013. Underground springs caused some bridges to tip and the trail to slide in places. While it is still passable, you may find the trail closed on occasion.

You can choose to navigate along the alternate route through Wildwood and observe the magnificent homes perched on the escarpment. Travel off the beaten path through green-space trails tucked behind homes to reconnect with the Douglas Fir Trail and the Bow River Pathway below.

Cross the Bow River on the pedestrian underpass under Crowchild Trail or stay on the south side pathway and follow the Bow River Pathway west. Keep your wallet ready for an ice-cream stop or a hot drink on a cold day. A few tasty eateries are en route on the north side and Angel’s Cafe is at the north side parking lot. This wonderful wild walkabout has a very civilized café ending.


Find the CTV segment here: http://ow.ly/OKfIO