Creative Team

The design

Sergio Gaytan

Illustrator, Designer

Sergio created the exceptional maps, cover, illustrations, layout and design of this book. The maps, full colour and to scale, are what makes this book stand out. He has created a guidebook that is beautiful in design and functional on the trails. Thanks to Sergio for taking my guidebook to a whole new level in the guidebook world. You have set the bar very high!

The artwork

You’ll find original artwork throughout Calgary’s Best Walks. Thanks to these wonderful artists for contributing their colourful creations!

Sheila Kernan

Local Calgary artist Sheila Kernan believes that paintings should be alive, filled with energy and excitement. They should bring a sense of joy. The world is breathtaking and, as Sheila says, “I just have to capture it. The possibilities are endless!”

Connect with Sheila at and on Instagram @sheilakernanartist

Terra Simieritsch

Calgarian Terra Simieritsch’s inspiration comes from time spent in the natural world and her work ranges from landscapes to portraits of the bugs, birds, and found objects she admires. Terra’s work can be found in collections across North America and Europe.

She teaches various types of workshops to people of all ages with a focus on creative expression.

Connect with Terra at and on Instagram @tsimieritsch.

Mandy Budan

Always fascinated by the vibrant colours and shapes that make up the Canadian landscape, Mandy started painting again in 2000. Working with acrylic paint on wood panel, she works to transform the landscape into a series of abstract patterns.

Connect with Mandy at and on Instagram @budanart