Calgary walk! Parkhill, Rideau, Roxboro, Riverdale, River Park off leash

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Calgary walk! Parkhill, Rideau, Roxboro, Riverdale, River Park off leash

It’s a great day for a walk! Let’s get out there and soak up the sunshine. Check out my main website for more blog posts!


Walking helps the immune system, it keeps it strong. We need this right now, a strong immune response. We also need to interact with people and our communities for our mental health. Even when walking alone, you open yourself up to a random interaction, a BIG WAVE, SMILE AND HELLO! with a passer-by. Be sure to look up and share a smile as our connections to people is what gets us through tough times; our neighbours, our fellow citizens. You don’t have to hug or get close, just a wave across the streets, a smile and a friendly hello can make a HUGE difference to someone who is struggling. It will also help you, the giver of the friendly gesture. This is why I love walking in the city; all those random interactions.


I suggest heading into the neighbourhoods and exploring side streets that twist and turn when the parks are busy. If walking with friends, I walk on the QUIET sidestreet while my friend walks on the sidewalk. Or on the pathway, we YELL NOT WHISPER, while staggering out strides. On single-track nature trails in the city of mountains, we space ourselves out  and focus in the world around us. Chickadees are happy and chirping, the prairie crocus will be popping up on sunny slopes any day now, trees will be leafing out soon, beavers in the Weaslehead doing their work.Yelling works well for me as I do not even have a whisper option. 🙂


Here’s a favourite route of mine with my DOG. Start anywhere on the map and explore the inner city SW neighbourhoods of Parkhill, Rideau, Roxboro, Elbow Park, and Riverdale. A mix of sidestreets and river pathways; off-leash parks, swimming spots for pup (mine took a dip yesterday!) and mountain views, this walk will lift your spirits and keep you upbeat and strong! Watch for me, I am there almost everyday. Be sure to wave and say HI! 

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