This is the perfect time to explore your neighbourhood on foot! So many hidden treasures in Calgary. Check out my blog posts for ideas and get a copy of my book, Calgary's Best Walks, and find some quite side streets, hidden connector paths and stairs, tucked into your community. Books available from me or at all bookstores!

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Best selling author and intrepid urban walker, Lori Beattie is back with a brand new guidebook that leads you on 35 new Calgary walking routes. Surprises await!

240 glorious full colour pages, detailed maps, original artwork and photos. 

Price: $26.95 ($24.95 when  purchased here!)




Let’s Walk!

I love to walk, everywhere and anywhere. Walking makes me happy. I enjoy the fresh air, the time to think, and the freedom to explore. I also love the simplicity. You don’t need special gear or skills to go for a walk, just practical footwear, a few layers of clothes, and the ability to put one foot in front of the other: left, right, left, right.

Exploring Calgary on foot is ideal for anyone, no matter their interests. Taking a walk in the city can help you satisfy your desire to explore and experience wilderness, art, and gardens; rivers, reservoirs, hills and flatlands; as well as the urban core and quiet communities, on trails that end at a local café, restaurant or ice cream shop. It is this vast range of treasures in such a small space that makes walking in Calgary so enjoyable, so stimulating. Walk through neighbourhoods and observe or interact with gardeners, front-porch sitters, or other walkers. See and be seen on a walk along a bustling commercial street. Or log off and reconnect with nature by getting off the beaten track and onto a more remote one.

Walking outside is the perfect way to clear your head, to shake up your routine and put things into perspective. It’s also a great activity to engage in with your kids, your family, and your friends. Conversations flow when you walk. What else is there to do but chat and observe? And all that fresh air and Alberta sunshine does wonders for your mood.

The routes included in this book introduce you to parts of the city that may be new to you. Use the routes as guidelines and then expand on them. Change your route midstride and explore. The fun part about urban walking is the unknown, the surprises around unexplored corners. Create your own urban walkabouts, and let me know if you uncover hidden stairways, pathways, or secret neighbourhood cafés. See you out there!


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